Awareness Working Group

The Awareness Working Group aims at achieving public and political support for the project focusing on a transboundary ecological network along the Sava River and raising awareness of the importance of maintaining the diversity of natural structures of the river basin, with focus on the riparian wetland, riparian forests and floodplain areas and their functions as ecological corridors. Local stakeholders and the general public are encouraged to support the project objectives through public awareness campaigns and demonstration of the positive effects of sustainable extensive agriculture and harmonised land use practices with the protection needs of the floodplain landscape.

WG Coordinator Boris Erg

WG Deliverables

Stakeholder database and mailing lists of all relevant stakeholders

Start up project seminar with all stakeholders
Two national workshops in each of the two beneficiary countries

Outline of awareness raising campaign

Awareness materials published: brochures, booklets, folders on project results, for example:

•  a catalogue of cycling tours, hiking and canoeing facilities along the Sava River,
•  overview of lodging possibilities,
•  internet version of the products of the project,
•  self sustaining web-site with news and information regarding Sava River Floodplain Conservation

Distribution of electronic quarterly newsletters

Project completion seminar with all stakeholders


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