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The Foundation DLO/ Wageningen International (hereafter: Wageningen International) is a non-profit organisation working under the umbrella of Wageningen University. Wageningen International (formerly IAC) has a tradition of more than 50 years in supporting capacity building, adaptive management planning and sustainable rural development activities across the world. As part of Wageningen University, Wageningen International can draw upon an extensive source of knowledge and expertise in the field of water management and natural resources management.

The main issue of Wageningen International's involvement in Central and Eastern Europe is to build capacities for the implementation of EU-legislation in new and future member states in the field of water management, protected areas management and sustainable rural development. Wageningen International emphasises regional co-operation with partner organisations and is involved in various projects with partners from different CEE countries, working on transboundary co-operation, regional development and water resources management.

Wageningen International's focal areas include:

•  European Enlargement: Wageningen International has extensive experience in organising and providing capacity building programmes and pilot projects to familiarise individuals and organisations at both the governmental and non-governmental level with the requirements, standards and transition processes in the field of nature conservation, water management and agriculture in relation to the enlargement of the European Union. Capacity building in the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive and the Birds and Habitats Directive are pivotal in our activities in Central and Eastern Europe. 

•  Rural development and biodiversity management: the far-reaching implications of the European Union require innovative approaches to maintain and develop local economies in a restructured rural landscape. Local and regional specific economic development, and the required organisational change processes for governments, civil society and private sector organisations are central to the Wageningen International‘s capacity building approaches. Wageningen International promotes integrated approaches to biodiversity protection and land use management supporting multiple use practices and improved livelihoods of rural communities.

Relevant projects include:

•  training of administrators in EU accession states on the implementation of the EU WFD. A total of 200 participants have been trained during 2002-2005. The strength of the training program was that it enabled participants to discuss and deal with the requirements and difficulties of aligning the national legislation with the EU-WFD and with the practical implementation of the various aspects of the EU-WFD;
•  support to the establishment of the Sava River Basin Commission and capacity building in aligning Sava River Basin Management with the requirements of the EU-WFD. In the frame of this project, specific and tailor made trainings have been provided to experts from the Sava Basin countries;
•  the development of an Ecological Network along the Sava River funded through the Partners for Water Program and the BBI-Matra Programme;
•  capacity building activities to support the implementation of Natura 2000 in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia;
•  the Dovine River Basin Project in Lithuania aiming to harmonise the implementation of the EU-WFD with the implementation of the EU-Birds and Habitats Directive. Tailor made trainings in setting up reference conditions and biological monitoring were included in the project implementation;
•  introduction of nature friendly farming practices in N-2000 sites in Bulgaria;
•  capacity building of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia in ecological network development;
•  introduction of participatory management planning and institutional change for improved management of the Karadjordjevo Special Reserve ( Serbia ).

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