Orbicon Nature and Aquatic Environment

Orbicon is a Danish based company offering technical advisory services and the expertise of more than 300 employees. Our primary work areas on international projects are:

•  natural resources management;
•  water resources management;
•  land use, rural development and physical planning;
•  evaluation and analysis;
•  environmental Impact Assessments.

Orbicon provides services covering all phases of the project cycle, including project identification and design, appraisal and feasibility studies, tender evaluations, implementation and monitoring, project management and financial analyses.

Orbicon is strongly focused on strengthening our position within environmental and natural resources management. This position and the competencies arising from it are also leading to an increase in international activities within the range of company core competencies. Consulting projects, donor projects, and strategic partnerships with foreign consulting companies and organisations have played a major role in the success and growth of the company in recent years. Solutions are based on a broad range of competencies amongst our employees ensuring an ideal position to deal with the increasingly complex issues that characterise the environment.

Orbicon is a subsidiary, 100% owned by the association-based foundation “Det danske Hedeselskab” (DDH).

On the international market, we provide services within integrated water and natural resources management, working for foreign aid donors as well as private companies and public institutions. Whether in the field of foreign aid or the private international market, we assist customers with services such as project identification and formulation, feasibility studies, establishing financing, project implementation, monitoring, and operational solutions. We have been operating internationally for over 40 years, with projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Experience gained from many projects in numerous destinations has added to the company's wide range of competences and qualifications in all our areas of business.

Orbicon Nature and Aquatic Environment

Today, Natura 2000 is a central term in the management of nature in Europe. Orbicon Nature and Aquatic Environment is strongly dedicated to the protection and management of the European Natura 2000 habitat types and species, both at the practical and organisational levels. By working for many years to assist and strengthen EU member and non-member states in implementing Natura 2000, Orbicon Nature and Aquatic Environment builds on strong professional expertise and valuable experiences from Natura 2000 implementation projects in countries such as Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Over the past decade, most of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe have had their first experiences with land consolidation as an instrument to address agri-rural structures dominated by small farm sizes and land fragmentation, but also in a wider context as an instrument for implementation of local measures for rural development. Based on international best practise, Orbicon provides technical assistance to the development of national land consolidation and land banking programmes including implementation of pilot projects, development of strategies and capacity building.

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