The State Institute for Nature Protection is an institution centrally responsible for specialized nature protection activities in Croatia. It was established by virtue of a Decree of the Government of the Republic of Croatia of 30 October 2002 and became operational in September 2003.

The State Institute for Nature Protection (SINP) performs a number of expert activities aimed at ensuring the long-term maintenance and enhancement of nature conservation in Croatia. Those activities include: biodiversity data collecting and processing, preparation of expert documents for nature protection, co-operation with other public institutions for nature protection, activities with respect to preparation for evaluation of admissibility of intervention in nature , organization and implementation of educational and promotional activities on nature protection , implementation or co-operation in implementation of nature protection projects and programmes, etc.

Since 2003, the SINP has been continuously working on the preparation of a proposal of the National Ecological Network. In October, the Croatian Government adopted the Decree on the Ecological Network. In the EU accession process, the SINP is working on the proposal of the NATURA 2000 Network in Croatia.

The SINP is one of the partner institutions from the Sava countries on the project “Protection of Biodiversity of Sava River Basin Floodplains”. The SINP will provide important expert input to the project through its participation in the project working groups and training sessions.

Jasminka Radović
State Institute for Nature Protection
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