Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources

The Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources (CEPRES) of the Faculty of Science of the University of Sarajevo gathers together all staff professionally involved in the development and implementation of environmental sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The primary objective of CEPRES is to attain and efficiently implement knowledge and experiences in the fields of development, research and application of all segments associated with ecological sciences. CEPRES invests special efforts in promoting and conserving biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, implementing all objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and promoting sustainable use of biological resources as a priority task of the Community.

Informatics and research laboratories of the Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources belong to the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo.

Both independently and in cooperation with other organisations, CEPRES promotes and carries out the following activities:

•  creates, designs and carries out biodiversity studies at all levels, for the purpose of evaluating the state of sustainable use and its promotion;
•  actively acts towards the implementation of principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the domain of environmental management in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
•  acts in the domain of education and enhances ecological awareness of different target groups at the local level;
•  acts in the domain of standardisation and implementation of environmental legislation at different administrative levels;
•  prepares and conducts action plans and environmental programmes at the local level;
•  organizes events related to important dates (Earth Day, International Biological Diversity Day, etc.);
•  conducts other activities in the domain of promotion of and conservation of environment elements.

The Centre for Ecology gathers experts in the field of biodiversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina as associates of the University of Sarajevo. Under the leadership of Professor Sulejman Redzic, the Centre has carried out a significant number of projects in the field of inventorisation, evaluation and biodiversity conversation.

Over the past decade, the expert CEPRES team has developed its own, now already recognized methodology for the evaluation of the ecological state of ecosystems based on precisely determined indicators, and has successfully applied this methodology in projects to identify and evaluate the natural value of investigated areas.

Since its inception, the Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources has been oriented towards and closely followed modern European and global trends in the field of environmental protection and improvement. Therefore, CEPRES takes an ecosystem approach in its work, as a basic tool of the Convention on Biological Diversity. This strategy is based on integrated management of land, water and biological systems which, according to Convention, is achievable through the establishment of an efficient network of protected areas. In compliance with this, the CEPRES staff has carried out several international projects over the past five years. Among these, the most significant are the “Establishment of the Emerald Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “Integrated Management of the Sava River Basin”.

Sulejman Redžić
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