The Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Srpska

The Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Srpska was established in 1947 as a k ey scientific research institution in the field of agriculture in the Republic of Srpska . Currently the Institute e mploy s 72 persons in 9 departments, with a scientific staff consisting of 8 persons holding a PhD degree, 8 with a MSc degree and 9 with a BSc degree. The institute also employs part-time staff.

The Department for Agrochemistry and Agroecology

The Department was established in 1978, headed by Professor Vukota Okiljević. Its initial task was to conduct research in the field of agricultural and hydrological melioration. At the time of its establishment, the most important tasks were large investment melioration projects within the Posavina region (Lijevče Field, Nožičko, Dubička plateau...). Later, in the 1980s, the institute conducted studies on the hydrological and agricultural melioration of karst fields (peat soils of Grahovo, Livno, and Glamoč). In addition to these activities, parallel activities of systematic soil fertility control were carried out, primarily within large state owned farms. In recent years, the main activity of the Department, headed by Professor Petar Durman, was directed toward finding solutions for many problems in the field of agricultural chemistry and plant nutrition within small size plots. Today, the Department has a modern laboratory, and modern field and laboratory equipment for soil, plant and water testing, aimed at assessing the proper nutrition of agricultural crops and ensuring environmental protection. The Department has been continuously developing by following the latest developments and introducing new technologies, making it one of the first institutions in BiH to start application of the Geographical Information System (GIS) in agriculture. The Department has participated in many international projects. The Department employs 6 full-time staff, of whom 3 hold a M.Sc. degree and one holds a B.Sc. degree in Agriculture (phytopharmacy – currently in postgraduate studies), as well as one agricultural and one chemical technician. Scientific-research and services provided by the Department have been implemented through several organisational units, as follows:

•  Soil Unit
•  Agrochemistry and Plant Nutrition Uni
•  Agroecology Unit
•  GIS Unit

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